I would like to see prizes distributed more evenly.

I have been entering your promotions for over 6 years and I could be wrong about this but I fail to remember ever winning anything worth over $50 (the few wins I've had over the past few years have mostly been things like free product coupons), yet I see the same people winning prizes worth multiple thousands of dollars. It leads me to believe I have been "listed" in some way for not having the correct demographic information and that the sweepstakes are in no way random. It has made me much less likely to enter your promotion and much less likely to be a customer of the products you are promoting.


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    i dont think Jelly Belly,would cheat

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    If you're entering from a sweepstakes newsletter site, rumor has it that E-Prize is very anti-these sites. You may well have been blacklisted. I don't know. Most of the people I have been communicating with about the sweepstakes are out of work. Some are professionals who have been laid off. One is on disability because she was hit by an uninsured motorist and cannot work at a regular job (which she probably couldn't get even if the market were good). My story is we were in great shape when my husband retired five and a half years ago. Of course our retirement plan went down the tubes with the market situation. I'm not complaining, there are people in worse positions. I think there may be a few people winning a number of times, but a few people win the lottery more than once too.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    Hello jSalland,

    It's like anything in life you just have to develop a system (technique) and be very persistent. I have been entering online free sweepstakes, contests, instant win's, and lotto's for like 9 years now.

    Yet, i do not have this paranoid notion that you've justified for yourself. The highest grand prize I've ever won in dollar value has been like $500 US. (and numerous lesser amounts) No big grand prize win as of late. Yet i stay grounded with a conviction that this is a hobby passion of mine not a career substitute.

    If you get depressed, take a break from this hobby. Until that is you'll get the bug and come back to it once more with a refreshed outlook.

    Good luck and stay positive.

    Regards, Ivan / Atrayo.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    I am sure that this post will not make a difference in what power happy Eprize has decided to do, but I feel I am not invisible and need to be heard. I am a retired teacher and a widow on social security. I enjoy entering sweeps. I enter through a sweepstakes site. This site does not enter for us. They list the sweeps and we choose which sweeps we want to enter.We ENTER the info, but Eprize already knows that. I have always follwoed the rules exactly. It has come to our attention that we have been blacklisted if you enter through the site. That is wrong. All this will do is make us avoid sweeps that are administered by Eprize and their sponsor's products. I feel we have been unfairly targeted. I use to love to see the word Eprize in my email, but now it has become a dirty word. Sponsors want you to do repeat entries or they would not have daily and instant sweeps where you enter more than once. I hope Eprize will re-consider and dig down deep for the right thing to do. I don't think their sponsors would approve.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    At this point I expect ePrize to ask for a DNA sample to verify our identity. LOL

    What really burns me is that ePrize is so determined to catch the cheaters that we may have accidentally fell into their trap. That combined with the possible wasted time entering ePrize administered sweeps (without knowing that our entries are eligible) really upsets me.

    I enjoy entering sweeps. I enjoy the possibility of winning a prize.

    I do not enjoy wondering if my entries are being tossed in the trash pile without an opportunity to defend myself. Tell me if I am doing something wrong. I am an adult and I accept responsibility for my actions. I will change my ways or correct the problem. It seems ePrize has already had a private trial, found us guilty, and penalized us.

    Are the sponsors aware that sweepers are also consumers and that ePrize is ticking off the consumers with their big brother routine? As the Director of a Food Pantry I buy Proctor and Gamble products, General Mills products, Scott products, and a multitude of other items in bulk.

    If we are ineligible or blacklisted from one or all ePrize sweeps, then ePrize should add several more lines of programming to notify us of the situation. This would eliminate the uncertainty as we attempt to enter an ePrize administered sweep. This would also allow us to ask about the problem. Right now, the long-timers seem to be out in the cold.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    I'm convinced that something has happened back in November that is preventing me from winning anything from eprize. I was winning from eprize consistently for 10 months. Then after November, nothing. Not one prize. I kept entering them anyway, because I am very persistant, but still nothing in December, January, February, and some of March. I have still been winning plenty of prizes including drawings & instants, but none of them are eprize related. I have researched the internet over and over again looking for an answer and I cannot find one. I did find others who have posted the same stories.....consistent eprize wins....then nothing at all. I do not believe that this is simply a "dry spell" because it is ONLY eprize sweeps. I do not intentionally cheat by trying to enter more than is allowed. I just can't figure this out. If eprize does not want to allow me to win anymore then why allow me to play and mislead me to believe that I have a chance to win?

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    I love eprize and have a long time now. You all have been good to me..however, it is my understanding many of us have been black listed. I hope not. It seems to me the more we enter contest the more we tell our friends and relatives. In return they enter and it is a win win for the sponsor. I buy many products that I have entered sweepstakes through. I know there are bad people out there that want to beat the system. I am not one of them. I simply enter as a hobby and hope for the best. I hope that there is not black list because I don't see how that can benefit you. I am hoping your board will review the situation and see that there are very troubled people over this. Thank you for hearing me out.

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    I have questions about what's going on,my hubby and I enter sweeps

    he has his own computer with a different IP address, and i have mine,and seperate E-Mail accounts.he leaves the only one per household for me to do . But we do have the same home addy and phone number,are we being diqualified..what if you are sweeping and you have to change your E_mail addy half way thru a sweep,because you changed

    internet sevice providers,I too have found some new products and have become consumers of them,IT would be a shame if sponsors are losing potential customers because E-prize thinks some is cheating.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    It seems thru the ePrize rules they are favoring "New customers for merchants and Blacklisting not only cheaters but past winners or "Sweepers". This may not be the purpose of ePrizes rules to blacklist "old" costumers, but it seems to be the case. Does ePrize or their merchants know if you block repeat sweepers, not cheaters, then you lose more current customers than gaining new customers. Also the new customers will not be new long and they will also leave and not use ePrize or ePrize merchant products?

    Ultimately they are losing more customers than gaining.

    Is there a way for 'Sweepers' to find out if they have been blacklisted?

    Thanks for your time and attention

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    I have questions,if you enter from a sweepstakes site are you DQed

    in e-prize sweeps, i like entering from the site i enter from beacuse:

    1.if it's a 24 hour sweep i can see the last time i entered. let's me know how many enteries i have lets me know when a sweep is about to expire

    an it is just a portal to all the sweeps i never would have found

    by my self.

    and products i never would have tried,gogurt i like and never would have bought,or pace,or redbaron pizza,

    so i hope that you don't DQ sweepers who use sweep sites

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    EPrize, I respect you as an interface between product and consumer, yet recently , I have wondered if I've been flying under your radar demographicswise or as a veteran? (3 yrs) sweeper! I appreciate your mission of bringing in new consumers - But you have! continuing purchasers of products I may not have tried without learning all about them while entering sweeps. I would hope that you will continue to reward the faithful folk who would persevere to win a dream.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    I have been sweeping a little over a year and am wondering if i should keep entering E-PRIZE admisistered sweeps, as there is so much negativity connected to them and older sweepers,all though

    picking a winner is supposed to be random and not how long they

    have been sweeping.but i get the feeling that i won't win again in their sweeps.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    I have been sweeping for years and use to win a lot of prizes on instants that e-prize was the administrator, BUT then all of a sudden winnings from e-prize stopped. I was still winning from other sweepstakes that e-prize was not the administrator. So I began to wonder if e-prize blacklisted me, for what reason I can't figure out. I emailed e-prize to ask if I had been blacklisted and if I had why. I got an auto response saying that I would get a reply in 3-4 days, but yet no reply ever came. I emailed again and again no reply never came. What kind of business is e-prize who will not even reply to questions. I would like to have an answer to my question from e-prize, because I need to know if I'm wasting my time entering any sweepstakes where e-prize is the administrator.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    well E-Prize looks like your upto pissing off the whole sweeps community..sending prize winner notifications with out the codes needed to down load,wrong names on the e-mail notification,NOT SENDING OUT PRIZES for 5 or 6 months after sweep ends, i have 1 i'm waiting for from allrecipes from march the e-mail is dated march 24 th,and aRePETe Series ChicoBag from natures bounty the e-mail is dated april 14th, win of $25 Cash from general mills win cash e-mail dated april 27 th if you are having trouble fulfilling your part, than get out of the business

    i would not enter your sweeps, but i like the sponsors and contune to do so, so they know that us sweeps support all the effort they put into getting us to buy their product!

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    Looks like we need to start twittering about E-PRIZE,especially those that have been sweeping more than 2 yrs,i haven't been sweeping that long,but feel like it!

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    hey E-prize looks like you black listed me, glad that prizelogic is still ramdomly picking winners and donjagoda and dlblair,and all the others,but just wanted to tell you that because of monoply

    town from wms we won, so were happy.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    5) Blacklist - This global master list compiled by ePrize records previous

    fraudulent offenders and prevents them from entering future promotions for any

    ePrize clients.

    all right if there is a Black list as your S.A.F.E. suggests,than be company enough to let the people you know you have on the list

    see What they are there for !!

    my husband and i have different Ip addresses but they are close in the same address mine ends in 100 his ends in 101,so i think when you see him entering you think it's me and DQ us both, than the rumor is that you only award NEW sweepers, those sweeping less than a year wins,with a sprinkle of older sweepers every now and than,are they right?where is the random draw?

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    guess what e-prize ever since AT&T went with a new administrator a lot of sweep stakes today members are winning from them Even ME!

    so thanks, not a disgruntled sweeper, just know when things aren't i'm going back to my old e-mail address on your sweeps

    because i know i won't win from you, i hope other sponsors take the hint and change soon!

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    Community Member

    here's another,the local new here is asking for stories for their investigative reporter guess who i wrote about?i see alot of sweepers complain but no one knows where to if you have me blocked, because i speak my mind, they'll find out for me.. MARIANN WOOD